Paul Askren

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  1. This article is way off. “attempt to educate the masses who maybe don’t watch combat sports often.” Hahaha! Yeah because those of us that do know exactly what this is. The fight was indeed fixed as far as they hand fed this laughable “boxer” an accomplished, out of shape WRESTLER in a boxing only match. And the ref called it off to avoid damaged? He was hit with ONE good punch. Masvidal did more damage to Askren after he was unconscious. Dough boy stood up immediately, but all the better. Everyone, including Askren himself, knows he was only there to get paid. Not to win. We all know the fix was in to waive this off at the first chance they get so they can move on to the next money fight. Expert opinions? Bish please. This event was SO boring and I can’t believe any fool would pay money to see this nonsense. Just like Mayweather vs McGregor, all sizzle and no steak.

    MMA > Boxing, all day

    Boxing > these snoozefest money grab “fights”