Fight Business Podcast #24: UFC 257 PPV buyrate prediction & Dana White's crackdown on illegal streaming 1

Welcome back to the Fight Business Podcast, Patrick Auger’s show dedicated to the business-side of mixed martial arts.

In this episode, Auger discusses the UFC’s response to CTE allegations detailed in MMA Fighting’s fantastic article “The cost of being ‘The King.’” Auger also dives into the details of how LFA has distanced itself from Pat Miletich after his involvement in protests at the US Capitol last week. Later in the episode, Auger also discusses Dana White’s crackdown on piracy, motions filed in the UFC antitrust lawsuit case, and finally, PPV buyrate predictions for UFC 257 next weekend.


  • UFC’s response to MMA Fighting’s article on Spencer Fisher and CTE allegations (2:06)
  • LFA distancing itself from Pat Miletich after involvement in protests at the US Capitol (16:43)
  • Dana White’s crackdown on piracy (28:59)
  • UFC antitrust lawsuit responses filed (43:30)
  • UFC 257 PPV buyrate predictions (53:37)

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