Conor McGregor criticizes Bellator drug testing policy, Fabricio Werdum hits back

Bellator MMA’s non-existent drug testing policy has been a hot topic of discussion for many years now. But the conversation has re-ignited after Conor McGregor criticized the American promotion on Twitter this week.

McGregor tweeted:

“It is crazy to think @BellatorMMA still do not have a performance enhancing drug testing system in place. It is long overdue time the promotion adopts a reputable testing body in order to keep it’s clean athletes safe!”

We agree with McGregor and believe that’s a very fair statement to make.

Matthew Wells says that Bellator “1000% should enact some kind of testing protocol.” It shouldn’t even be a question. If they want to be known as the #2 option and an alternative to the UFC, they need to have something that resembles the USADA testing program that the UFC does. Wells says that although a similar program is likely to be expensive, the promotion at least needs something in place to protect fighters.

Ant Walker agrees and comments that Bellator has a unique chance to do something better than the UFC. They can potentially implement a drug testing policy that’s even better than the USADA program.

Interestingly, Fabricio Werdum responded to McGregor on Twitter and attacked him for finding excuses for Sinead Kavanagh’s defeat against Cris Cyborg.

Werdum tweeted:

“Losers always will try to find excuses. Champions work very hard and don’t distracted by ants. @CyborgsGloves Is a living legend McGregor is filha-da-puta HEY”

And then it escalated into an entertaining back-and-forth, with McGregor replying:

“Huh? I did not mention Cris whatsoever. Nothing to do with Cris at all. It is a request to the promotion, as a top tier one, to up its PED testing program. As currently there is zero in place. This is a dangerous business and to take a lax stance here, at this level, is wrong.

“Actually wait! Aren’t you currently banned for steroids right now? And got your sentenced reduced for ratting other people? And also just recently signed to this promotion I speak of? Woah. Man, fuck you. My lord, what a business this is.”

I think we can all agree that’s a 10-7 round for McGregor.

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