Amanda Nunes is considering retirement... and now the UFC finally wants to promote her? 1

Ant Walker and Patrick Auger discuss Amanda Nunes’ recent comments about retirement and, in particular, Dana White’s reaction to the news.

“I will kill her,” White said on “The Schmozone Podcast.” “… I literally just told Sean [Shelby] and Mick [Maynard] in the last meeting let’s get this division built for her. Let’s build this division for her, and let’s start figuring this out. And now she’s talking about retiring?”

Ant raises the point that Nunes has been talking about retirement for a while now — so why is White, Shelby, and Maynard only now talking about building a division around Nunes?

Patrick says that the UFC has had so many chances to push her already, but they haven’t done so. It’s an interesting comment from the UFC president who previously trashed Nunes in the media following her withdrawal from UFC 213 just a few years back.

Do you agree with Ant’s assessment that Nunes will not return to the cage in 2020? Let us know.

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