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Yancy Medeiros gets dramatic late finish over Alex Oliveira

Yancy Medeiros gets dramatic late finish over Alex Oliveira

In an action-packed preliminary card, Yancy Medeiros and Alex Oliveira went toe-to-toe in an epic battle of will.

The UFC 218 prelims were just as, if not more explosive than drawn up as both fighters left it all in the cage last night. Yancy Medeiros took charge early on as he landed damaging shots to the nose of ‘Cowboy’ Oliveira early on in the bout. His domination throughout the first got him major points, but Oliveira’s toughness down the stretch held him through the second.

Alex Oliveira did well to turn the tides after a round reset as he controlled Medeiros on the ground for a nice stretch of the second. The jiu-jitsu prowess started to fade as fatigue set in for the Brazilian. Medeiros finished the round on his feet, but Oliveira did enough to secure a round going into the third.

“Dana give us the bonus”

The ensuing four minutes of action were enough to push this already amazing fight into performance of the night territory as Yancy Medeiros dug deep for a breathtaking finish. There was something in the air leading up to this eventful card, and this amazing performance from both fighters was the tipping point. The third round was yet another test of back-and-forth, wild striking from both fighters.

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Medeiros dodged strikes to land a combination, only to fall back into a set that opened him up to uppercuts from Oliveira on the back end. Every offensive movement had its consequence, every ‘OOHH’ from Joe Rogan crescendo-ed with more frantic noise to even remotely cover all the significant moments of those exchanges. Medeiros would eventually go on to finish Oliveira with a barrage of clinch strikes and knees that proved too much to handle. Medeiros got on the microphone to thank his family, his friends, his fans and his country as he claimed a win over another ranked welterweight. The case for UFC: Hawaii is strong with Medeiros and Holloway leading the charge off the back of these amazing displays of heart.

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