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UFC 216 Results: Poliana Botelho stifles Pearl Gonzalez in her debut

UFC 216 Results: Poliana Botelho stifles Pearl Gonzalez in her debut

Poliana Botelho celebrates after beating Pearl Gonzalez in her UFC debut at UFC 216

Poliana Botelho walks away with another victory to make it 6-1 in her UFC debut.

The Brazilian prospect came out with heavy leg kicks and jabs to make Gonzalez work from the opening minutes. Even on the cage, her striking and varied attacks were the difference in a relatively one-sided bout. Pearl Gonzalez had no answer for the persistent striking of Botelho as she slides to her second straight loss after UFC 216.

Fight breakdown

Poliana Botelho comes out strong with leg kicks that force Pearl Gonzalez to fight against the cage. In open space, Botelho has the advantage with her speed as she combines low kicks with jabs. Pearl Gonzalez was able to stifle some of that attack by keeping her controlled on the fence.

Botelho’s ability to put on damage with elbows over the top of the clinch countered Gonzalez’s wrestling. Even in a seemingly disadvantaged position, her ability to stay active and avoid the takedown frustrated Gonzalez’s tactics.

Botelho’s continued strikes to the body and legs start to add up with bruises across the legs of Gonzalez. Botelho was able to land a few hard punches as Gonzalez caught her leg. Her ability to strike in defensive positions is uncanny. Botelho finishes strong with a takedown to top off a dominant performance against a resilient Gonzalez.

Post-fight thoughts

As impressive as Paulina Botelho was, this fight was not a compelling one. Pearl Gonzalez had no answers for Botelho’s attacks. Her continued tactic of fighting on the cage was not popular with fans, and they let her know towards the end of round three. Ultimately Botelho walked away from UFC 216 as the deserved victor, and all eyes will be on her going forward.

Fight rating: 40/100

Pearl Gonzalez

After two straight losses to interesting prospects like Botelho and Calvillo, the clock is ticking for the 10th planet fighter. Her tactics in the cage didn’t pay dividends and failing to move off the cage cost her in defeat. Gonzalez will need to add to her offensive arsenal moving forward to make scrambles work in her favor.

Poliana Botelho

Poliana Botelho came out aggressive and her will to win showed as she bested a resilient opponent. A better match up against a strike oriented opponent will undoubtedly prove to be fireworks. Look for her to bring more of that offensive flair going forward. We might have a promising talent on our hands.

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