Jack Hermansson after defeating Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza at UFC Fight Night 150

Jack Hermansson entered the UFC Fight Night 150 main event as an underdog, but came through with an impressive unanimous decision victory against Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza.

After five rounds, Hermansson was up on all three scorecards 49-46, 48-47, 48-47.

Hermansson described his keys to victory as “my precision, and my speed. I have a little more variety in my game.”

He also explained that he deserves another highly-ranked opponent after taking the fight with “Jacare” on short notice.

“I am obsessed with that title. That’s what I want in this sport. I stepped in on short-notice against one of the toughest guys in the world and I think I need a reward after that.”

Here’s how UFC fighters reacted to the main event:

First round

Jacare starts stalking Hermansson as expected. Heavy leg kicks by Hermansson and they might play a factor later in the fight. Hermansson lands several heavy shots and then attempts to lock up a guillotine choke. Jacare escapes and almost gives up his back. Survives what was a maybe some unexpected adversity in the first round.

Second round

Jack Hermansson catches one of Jacare’s kicks and takes him down to the mat. He stays in Jacare’s full guard for about three minutes, landing consistent ground and pound. Great round for Hermansson.

Third round

Jacare seems to have slowed after what was a dominant second round for Hermansson. After a minute, though, Jacare opens up and starts tagging Hermansson with solid punches. By the mid-way point of the round, Jacare was working the body and head of Hermansson with success. Jacare drops Hermansson late in the round and really starts turning it on.

Fourth round

Now it’s Hermansson stepping up. He advances and unloads a huge series of strikes to the head of Jacare. Souza defends most of the strikes and they reset in the middle of the cage. Hermansson keeping Jacare away by using his jab. Jacare is putting plenty of power into his punches, whereas Hermansson is just touching Jacare with strikes to keep him away. Jacare manages to land some hard shots but it’s mostly Hermansson setting the pace this round.

Fifth round

Hermansson seemingly has more energy than Jacare at this point. Hermansson sets the pace early with a takedown attempt but Jacare reverses. Hermansson managing the distance with his jab. Jacare looking to land that knockout blow but having a hard time closing the distance. Jacare finally manages to land some hard punches in the final minute, but it’s not enough and Hermansson takes Jacare down to finish the fight.

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