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Shamil Abdurakhimov gets the finish over Chase Sherman

Shamil Abdurakhimov gets the finish over Chase Sherman

‘The Vanilla Gorilla’ Chase Sherman had been on a bit of a spree since his last loss to Walt Harris.

Heading into this Fight Night, Shamil Abdurakhimov has been itching to rid himself of his main event loss late last year to Derrick Lewis. As the opening round went underway, it was Abdurakhimov finding the better strikes. The lead left hook would continue to find the target as Chase Sherman let his hands down on the break.

After a few good, continued hooks. Sherman started to shift the pace as he attempted a clinch to maintain his distance. But Abdurakhimov was already smelling blood as he charged forward and landed a solid overhand right. The flurry would follow with yet another overhand-hook combination. Chase Sherman fell to his knees from the strikes as the referee stopped the contest

This 84-second win is a great rebound for the Russian heavyweight. Although he took a bump against Lewis, this victory will give him sufficient status to demand another ranked opponent and hopefully crack the top 15. Abdurakhimov capped a pretty quiet 2017 with a great finish to add to his resume. As more heavyweight fights get decided next month, it will be imperative to see where he shakes out with a future fight.


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