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UFC 270 PPV price changed before Ngannou vs. Gane on ESPN Plus

UFC 270 PPV price changed before Ngannou vs. Gane on ESPN Plus

UFC 270 PPV price changed before Ngannou vs. Gane on ESPN Plus 3

The price to watch a UFC pay-per-view event has increased once more.

In early January, UFC and ESPN+ revealed that the new cost to order a UFC PPV event in 2022 will be $74.99 each. The new price is $5 more than last year’s price of $69.99 to watch a UFC PPV.

Similarly, there have been changes to the special PPV packages for new ESPN+ subscribers with the UFC PPV and ESPN+ Annual Package now set to cost $99.98, up from $89.98 last year.

The UFC PPV and Disney Bundle price has also been adjusted to $88.98 from the former price of $83.98.


The UFC PPV price ultimately depends on whether you are an existing ESPN+ subscriber or not. UFC events can only be ordered by ESPN+ subscribers and that means fans are required to first subscribe to the digital streaming service to unlock the ability to order UFC PPV events in 2022.

Existing ESPN+ subscribers can order UFC PPV events for $74.99.

Fans without an ESPN+ subscription may want to consider the special bundle options that include a hefty discount for fans looking to subscribe to ESPN+ or Disney+ and order a UFC PPV in the same transaction.

  • UFC PPV Package (PPV & ESPN Annual): $99.98, then $69.99/year after first year (Order here)
  • UFC PPV & The Disney Bundle: $88.98, then $13.99/mo (Order here)

How to watch UFC PPV fights

UFC fight fans can order an upcoming UFC PPV event on the ESPN+ website and unlock access to the entire fight card on the night and replays following the event.

After ordering the UFC fight card, fans can then watch the main card and prelims on their TV by streaming from the ESPN Smart TV App or a popular streaming service such as a Roku, Chromecast, Amazon FireTV, Apple tvOS, XBOX, or Playstation.

Fans can also watch the fights live on a mobile device, desktop computer, laptop, or tablet after ordering the PPV.

UFC PPV Schedule

  • UFC 270: Ngannou vs. Gane – Jan 23
  • UFC 271: Adesanya vs. Whittaker – Feb 13
  • UFC 272: Covington vs. Masvidal – Mar 6
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