Miocic Ngannou

Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou is the UFC 260 main event at the UFC APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Body Lock is here to bring you Miocic vs. Ngannou play-by-play updates, live video highlights, live blog, and updates during the fight.

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Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou play-by-play live blog

Round one

Fight has started. Patient start from Ngannou. Opens with a leg kick. Miocic circling. Ngannou just waiting and controlling the center of the cage. Ngannou goes with a body shot but Miocic evades. Leg kick from Ngannou. Miocic sitting back and hasn’t found a chance to open up with his own attacks yet. Miocic body punch falls short. Ngannou jab, jab, right hand lands. Huge punch and Miocic took it well. It’s all Ngannou so far. But Miocic ducks under and grabs a single-leg. He stuffs the takedown and drags Miocic to the mat. He crushes him with about ten hard strikes.

Miocic survives — somehow. Ngannou went all-in on the finish then and didn’t get it. And then a head kick lands for Miocic. Ngannou is in control. He just needs to preserve his energy and last but Miocic isn’t going anywhere. Ngannou slowing down. Ngannou is a fascinating puzzle for Miocic right now. His first takedown was stuffed and led to Miocic ending up in a troubling position. And now he hasn’t been able to open with strikes because Ngannou is waiting for counter strikes. The Ngannou leg kicks are landing. That’s the end of the first round. Miocic took a lot of damage.

The Body Lock scores round one for Francis Ngannou (10-9)

Round two

Miocic’s left eye is impacted. Another heavy leg kick lands for Ngannou. Left hook for Ngannou. Miocic needs to change something up here and he’s certainly the man to make that mid-fight adjustment. Ngannou left hand connects and Miocic is sent back. Ngannou goes for the finish. Miocic falls. It’s over for Miocic. Ngannou follows up with one brutal punch to end it. Herb Dean is on top of Miocic. It’s over.

Francis Ngannou wins by second round KO/TKO

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