UFC 257: Khalil Rountree Jr vs. Marcin Prachnio play-by-play and results 1

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Khalil Rountree Jr vs. Marcin Prachnio is the second fight at UFC 257. We’ll be sharing live updates and play-by-play comments as the fight happens down below.

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Khalil Rountree Jr vs. Marcin Prachnio play-by-play

Round one

Prachnio takes the center of the cage and pushes Rountree back. Rountree light on his feet and moving his head – looks like he’s attempting to create openings but they’re not there for him at the moment. Leg kick works for Rountree. Rountree slings a right hand but it misses. Prachnio looks strong – he pushes Rountree back again. Leg kicks are there for Prachnio and he has landed two or three now. Another one lands to the inside of Rountree’s thigh. Now he goes to the outside of the lead leg. Rountree finally gets into this fight with a nice roundhouse kick to the stomach. Both guys now just throwing heavy hands and missing. Another body kick for Rountree. Prachnio attempts the lead left hook and it comes off the gloves of Rountree. Rountree just throwing his left hand wildly. Misses again. Push body kick from Prachnio connects. Rountree comes in but then Prachnio smashes the body with hooks. Leg kicks are still working for Prachnio. Rountree struggling to find his way in this fight.

Prachnio 10-9

Round two

Rountree more aggressive to start round two. Rushes Prachnio and lands. A body kick connects for Rountree. Prachnio again looking strong. He goes back to the lead leg of Rountree. Rountree finally lands that left hand but eats another leg kick in the process. Both guys are throwing heavy hands right now. Rountree finally landing his left hand. It’s connected again. Prachnio tries to return fire but misses. Rountree hangs around a little too long in the pocket and eats a wild right hand. Didn’t land that heavy but could have fight-ending potential if that one comes through again. Prachnio right hand to the body. And then Rountree lands a fast body kick.

Rountree 10-9 (19-19)

Round three

Prachnio active to start this round. Throwing heavy hands and kicks. He now shoots in for a takedown but doesn’t get deep enough. Rountree pivots and shrugs him off. Rountree’s chance to walk Prachnio down now. Exciting fight and both guys are still throwing heavy hands – it’s more of a brawl than a technical fight. Prachnio lands when he comes forward but Rountree repsonds with punches of his own. Nothing landing cleanly, though, and Prachnio attempts another takedown. Rountree defending those attempts well. They’re back in the center of the Octagon. Both guys starting to get tired but Prachnio is the more active of the two fighters right now. Although tired, Rountree still packs plenty of power in his punches and connects with a looping hook. Prachnio is far more active. He’s walking forward and mixing his strikes between kicks and punches. Rountree on the back foot – he’s not responding with his own strikes. Rountree is just defending. It looks like he wants to throw but he either doesn’t have the energy or he can’t find his momentum against Prachnio because Prachnio doesn’t allow him to settle. Short left hook lands for Rountree. Rountree might need a finish here with 30 seconds remaining.

Prachnio 10-9 (29-28)

Official Decision: Marcin Prachnio def. Khalil Rountree Jr via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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