UFC 257: Julianna Pena vs. Sara McMann play-by-play and results 1

The Body Lock is here to bring you live UFC 257 results and highlights for Julianna Pena vs. Sara McMann and all other fights happening tonight at the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi.

Julianna Pena vs. Sara McMann is the second fight at UFC 257. We’ll be sharing live updates and play-by-play comments as the fight happens down below.

The UFC 257 main card is only on pay-per-view and that means the fights can only be watched live on the ESPN+ streaming service.

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Julianna Pena vs. Sara McMann play-by-play

Round One

McMann slinging straight punches early. Pena blocks, defends. Leg kick for McMann. Pena lands two punches to the head. McMann now blitzing forward with punches. McMann deep single-leg takedown. Brilliant takedown and gets side control. Pena gives up her back and Pena leaps over. No hooks yet. Pena gets back to her feet slowly. McMann all over her though and clinching against the fence. Pena goes for the neck and McMann falls to attempt to pass guard. McMann sitting in side control and Pena still has the neck. Pena attempting to recover guard but isn’t able to. McMann sitting on top in Pena’s full guard.

McMann 10-9

Round two

Pena advancing. Nice right hand lands for her and she dives on a guillotine attempt as McMann level changes. McMann uses the cage to change position. She’s now in Pena’s full guard and Pena’s landing some strikes from the bottom. McMann lands a nice elbow from the top. McMann takes the back now and then she hunts for the rear-naked choke but Pena escapes. McMann pushing Pena against the cage. Working strikes from the clinch. Controlling Pena well but then Pena breaks from the clinch and lands two hard punches.

Pena 10-9 (19-19)

Round three

Pena moving forward. McMann feints a level change but Pena shows an uppercut. Pena lands some heavy strikes and now secures a takedown. Pena on top in side control. She’s taking her time in top position. Lands some heavy hammer strikes to the head. Just resting on top of McMann now. Pena now has McMann’s back and she’s going for the rear-naked choke. McMann trying to survive by hand fighting. But she taps! That’s it! Pena wins by submission.

Julianna Pena def. Sara McMann via submission (rear-naked choke) – R3, 3:39

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