Brad Tavares (R) lands a kick on Nate Marquardt in their middleweight fight

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Brad Tavares vs. Antonio Carlos Junior play-by-play

Round One

“Shoeface” working behind his jab to start. He comes forward with two jabs and a right hand after it. Doesn’t land but makes Tavares back up and respect the forward blitz. Tavares leg kicks are there so far.

Left, right, and a right body kick for “Shoeface” as he moves forward. He’s now got a single-leg as Tavares rests against the cage and pushes down on the head to maintain his balance. Tavares avoids being taken down and launches another leg kick. Both guys throwing but it just allows “Shoeface” to shoot in. Tavares with insane takedown defense and he keeps standing against the cage. Tavares stays upright again. Carlos Junior with the leg kick. Tavares falls short with a 1-2 but then lands two heavy leg kicks. Carlos Junior checks a leg kick and they start throwing.

Another takedown attempt now from Carlos Junior. But mostly just resting against Tavares on the cage now as he can’t drag him to the mat.

Nutshot! Now a break for Tavares who desperately needs that after being kicked in the groin.

Carlos Junior 10-9

Round two

Big start for Tavares. He lands two big punches before “Shoeface” tries another takedown. But how is Tavares back to his feet already? It’s amazing takedown defense from Tavares in this fight. Tavares’ leg kicks are having a big impact — Carlos Junior’s leg is starting to show signs of redness. Tavares’ strikes mostly falling short. Carlos Junior managing the distance very well so far. Right hand for Tavares. Tavares lands big with a right hand and Carlos Junior falls. But Tavares strikes Carlos Junior in the groin and “Shoeface” gets a break and time to recover.

They restart with about 20 seconds remaining. Tavares coming after “Shoeface” to end the round.

Tavares 10-9 (19-19)

Round three

Tavares coming after “Shoeface” again. Carlos Junior on the back foot. Tavares lands a jab. Both guys exchange jabs that barely miss. Carlos Junior now shooting on Tavares. Great double-leg takedown attempt but Tavares looks incredibly strong and maintains great posture to defend the takedown attempt. Referee Marc Goddard breaks up the clinch but he really didn’t need to. They’ve separated now. “Shoeface” comes forward again and attempts another takedown. Tavares just won’t go down.

Tavares 10-9 (29-28)

Official Decision: Brad Tavares def. Antonio Carlos Junior (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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