UFC 257: Arman Tsarukyan vs. Matt Frevola play-by-play and results 1

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Arman Tsarukyan vs. Matt Frevola play-by-play

Round One

Frevola starts with some head kicks and misses with a looping right hand. Very aggressive start from Frevola. Quick takedown from Tsarukyan but Frevola scrambles and maintains front headlock before standing. Tsarukyan reverses and pushes Frevola against the cage now. They separate and now they’re standing across from each other. Tsarukyan’s jab looks fast. His lead hand is landing. Advancing now and Frevola on the back foot. Great fight so far and both fighters scrambling and keeping a high pace. Nothing of major significance landing but Tsarukyan controlling the fight so far. Strong right hand lands for Tsarukyan and that crashes into Frevola’s chin. Frevola trying to close the distance with a Tyson-style duck and weave. He wants the fight. He needs to get Tsarukyan to start brawling with him because, right now, Tsarukyan is just landing his shots with ease. Frevola doing well now, he advances and lands a big right hand near the end of the round.

Tsarukyan 10-9

Round two

Tsarukyan starting strong in round one. Dives on a single-leg and he has it wrapped up. Frevola elbows to the head as Tsarukyan tries to finish the attempt. He modifies the takedown and lands in side control. Frevola wraps up full guard now.  Tsarukyan gets out of full guard but is still trying to advance. Frevola stands, but Tsarukyan is locked on and trying to land in a dominant position. He’s now in side control but Frevola is tough and has managed to avoid major damage from here. Frevola twisting to get out of side control but Tsarukyan staying heavy on top. Some good strikes landing for Tsarukyan now and he’s hunting for the arm-triangle choke. Can’t lock it in but overwhelming him from top position to end the round.

Tsarukyan 10-9 (20-18)

Round three

Tsarukyan takedown but Frevola scrambles and gets back up. A left hand lands for Tsarukyan and now he jabs the body. Frevola circling. Slow round three but it would appear Frevola badly needs to step up and go for a finish. Tsarukyan just stalking Frevola now and trying to work behind his jab. Another takedown for Tsarukyan and Frevola tries a guillotine in full guard. Tsarukyan pops his head up and now has Frevola locked down on the mat. He’s in full guard but postures up enough to throw some hands. Tsarukyan rolls for an anaconda choke but Frevola escapes. Back to standing. Great takedown by Tsarukyan and he’s got two hooks now and has the back of Frevola. But Frevola scrambles again and escapes the position. He’s in turtle now and Tsarukyan landing shots from the top. Tsarukyan in side control, then north south, and back to side control, just floating on top of Frevola right now. Some hard strikes from the top. That’s it! A decisive victory for Tsarukyan.

Tsarukyan 10-9 (30-27)

Official Decision: Arman Tsarukyan def. Matt Frevola via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

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