Stephen Tomhpson vs. Vicente Luque

The Body Lock brings live play-by-play updates for Stephen Thompson vs. Vicente Luque as it happens at Madison Square Garden, New York.

Thompson vs. Luque is part of the UFC 244 pay-per-view main card that can be streamed live on ESPN+ in the United States.

UFC 244 play-by-play updates

Main Card


Stephen Thompson vs. Vicente Luque play-by-play

Thompson (14-4-1) gets his opportunity to return to form after he suffered a stunning upset knockout defeat to Anthony Pettis in March. That defeat left Thompson with just one win in his last five fights.

Luque (17-6-1) has won all six of his last fights in the UFC and enters this fight after a split decision win over Mike Perry in August. Luque’s earlier 2019 wins include stoppage wins against Derrick Krantz and Bryan Barberena.

Read on for our UFC 244 play-by-play updates and results for Stephen Thompson vs. Vicente Luque.

Round one

Luque going after the legs of Thompson with kicks. Thompson returns fire. Thompson southpaw reaching out with his right lead hand. Luque attempts to come forward but Thompson circles out. Luque leg kick lands. Thompson leg kick now. Luque has Thompson backed outside the black tape. Luque lands a right hand as Thompson backs to the cage. Thompson swift left hand comes through and connects, he steps back out of range. Thompson forward blitz is effective as he lands two punches. Nice right hand for Thompson. Straight punches are working for Wonderboy so far. Luque pressuring and closes the distance, one punch seems to stun Thompson for a moment. Thompson cracks Luque with a right hand. Luque right leg kick now, he’s mixing it up well to all areas of Thompson’s body. As Thompson retreats to the cage he finds himself out of space and Luque has been able to punish him with punches. He’s sticking around against the cage for a little too long. This time he manages to circle out and pump the jab.

Thomspon landing more often throughout the round, but Luque’s shots are heavier and are having the greater impact.

The Body Lock scores round one for Vicente Luque (10-9).

Round two

Thompson fires a lead side kick to the body. He steps outside as Luque comes forward now and lands a punch to the head. Thompson is settling into the fight now and putting more sting on his punches. Luque still here, though, and reminds Thompson by crashing a right hand into his head. Thompson hiding high kicks behind combinations of punches, but Luque defending them very well so far by deflecting them off his forearms.

Heavy side kick makes Luque fall backward, Thompson smiles as he returns to his feet. They re-engage now and Thompson is all over Luque. Spinning back kick to the head partially blocked and then more punches come through. Thompson really finding another gear now in this round. As Luque comes forward with a double jab, Thompson steps out and lands a right hand.

Luque’s pressure was working very well earlier in this fight, but he’s started to slow down as Thompson has started to turn it on. Another spinning back kick deflected by Luque. Luque hasn’t offered much this round besides the occasional low kick.

A brilliant round from Thompson as he clearly earns round two. Very close to being a 10-8. We’ve got it tied after two rounds.

The Body Lock scores round two for Stephen Thompson (10-9).

Round three

Thompson circling well in this round. Pushes Luque back with a kick to the stomach and he falls. Luque falls to the mat against after more heavy shots from Thompson. Thompson follows him to the ground and attempts to finish but can’t find a safe way to pass the guard of Luque. Let’s him stand.

Thompson light now and finding his angles. Perfectly cutting to the outside of Luque’s jab now and finding a home for his straight right hand. Luque covering up, he’s starting to take a lot of damage. Halfway through the round now and we appear to be on the way to a clear decision win for Thompson unless Luque can find a way to shake things up.

Thompson’s striking is masterful. Offensive blitzes have been there all night but the most important aspect of this fight has been the way he has negated the jab of Luque by countering with right hands. Thompson now hunting for the finish as Luque retreats to the cage with his hands up high. Thompson standing in front of him and looking to land that one heavy strike to put him away. That’s the end of round three.

Comfortable decision win for Thomspon and a return to form for “Wonderboy.” Wouldn’t argue against 10-8 rounds in the second and third for Thompson. Dominated the majority of the rounds and completely shut Luque down.

The Body Lock scores round three for Stephen Thompson (10-9).

Official result: Stephen Thompson def. Vicente Luque via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 29-27)

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