BMF title for UFC 244

Get UFC 244 live fight results and play-by-play updates from all of the action taking place at Madison Square Garden, New York, on Saturday, November 2.

UFC 244 is a pay-per-view event and the main card will stream exclusively on ESPN+ in the United States. In the main event, Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz will battle for the newly created BMF title.

Our coverage of the UFC 244 early prelims has now commenced. Check out the quick results listed below or scroll down further to read play-by-play updates and see highlights.

UFC 244 results

Main Card (ESPN+) – 10:00pm ET / 7:00pm PT

Prelims (ESPN+) – 8:00pm ET / 5:00pm PT

  • Corey Anderson def. Johnny Walker via TKO – R1, 2:07
  • Shane Burgos def. Makwan Amirkhani via TKO – R3, 4:32
  • Edmen Shahbazyan def. Brad Tavares via KO (head kick) – R1, 2:27
  • Jairzinho Rozenstruik def. Andrei Arlovski via KO – R1, 0:29 (video)

Early Prelims (ESPN+) – 6:30pm ET / 3:30pm PT

  • Katlyn Chookagian def. Jennifer Maia via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Lyman Good def. Chance Rencountre via TKO (punch) – R3, 2:03
  • Hakeem Dawodu def. Julio Arce via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

UFC 244 main card play-by-play updates

UFC 244 prelims play-by-play updates

Corey Anderson vs. Johnny Walker

Round one

Walker employing his usually unorthodox techniques and feints early. Controlling the middle with lots of movements that are keeping Anderson guessing. Anderson shoots forward to get a single-leg but Walker switches and turns him against the cage. Anderson hits Walker with a big right hand and he falls to the mat. Anderson piling on the pressure. Lots of punches landing and now goes for the takedown. Walker stands and has a chance to slow the fight down if he can maintain control in the clinch. Anderson demolishes Walker with a combination of punches and the referee steps in to end the fight. Walker was wobbly on his feet and Anderson was only going to continue dishing out the damage.

Official result: Corey Anderson def. Johnny Walker via TKO – R1, 2:07

Shane Burgos vs. Makwan Amirkhani

Round one

Amirkhani instantly goes after the single-leg takedown. He is unsuccessful but manages to push Burgos back to the cage. Amirkhani trips Burgos and lands on top in Burgos’ full guard. Burgos has a cut over his left eye. Amirkhani attempting to break open the full guard by digging his elbows into the thighs of Burgos. Burgos attempts to stand but Amirkhani slides out and controls the waist. Amirkhani drags Burgos to the mat and maintains waist control. Drags Burgos to the mat again now. Burgos is warned by the referee about repeated fence grabs. Amirkhani wraps up the neck of Burgos and attempts to finish the choke. Burgos survives the choke and now comes forward. Amirkhani taking deep breaths but manages to land a good left hand. Amirkhani dives for the leg of Burgos but can’t grab it. Burgos coming forward but not many strikes coming from him. Amirkhani lands another right punch.

A great round from Amirkhani who controlled the round.

The Body Lock scores round one for Makwan Amirkhani (10-9).

Round two

Amirkhani lands a solid punch to start the round. Burgos stalking and waiting for his chance to pick up the pace. Burgos lands a decent right hand as Amirkhani dips. Inside leg kick from Burgos as he continues to follow Amirkhani. Amirkhani managing to land some fast punches as Burgos comes in. Another takedown attempt from Amirkhani but Burgos has the whizzer and is able to keep Amirkhani from dragging him to the mat. Amirkhani attempts another trip but they end up clinched against the cage again. Burgos finds a body kick now and seemingly wants to invest in the body to slow Amirkhani down. He stuffs the takedown from Amirkhani and starts working the body of Amirkhani who maintains a grip around Burgos’ leg. A big punch lands from Burgos near the end of the round and he finishes it up with more elbows and strikes from top position.

The Body Lock scores round two for Shane Burgos (10-9).

Round three

Burgos explodes in round three. He lands some heavy shots and then piles on the pressure, landing on top of Amirkhani and dishing out ground and pound. Amirkhani slow to stand up after Burgos’ retreats from the position and asks for a reset. Burgos storming forward now and landing huge strikes. Amirkhani visibly hurt and decides to dive for a takedown. Burgos makes him stand up and Amirkhani is again very slow to return to his feet. Sweeping right hand for Burgos lands. Amirkhani still dangerous, though, and he goes after a single-leg takedown. Amirkhani holds the takedown attempt against the cage but Burgos starts hammering him with elbows to the side of the head. Burgos moves to the crucifix position and starts beating up the body of Amirkhani with punches. Burgos is loving every bit of this final round. Amirkhani dives for a single-leg and misses. The crowd boos as he slowly returns to his feet. Double jab finished with a right to the body by Burgos. Burgos finishes Amirkhani in the final round with punches and a head kick.

Official result: Shane Burgos def. Makwan Amirkhani via TKO – R3, 4:32

Brad Tavares vs. Edmen Shahbazyan

Round one

Tavares is the first to get going with a double jab and cross attempt. Shahbazyan defends and now controls the center of the cage. He’s slowly stalking Tavares and forcing him to stand outside the black tape and closer to the cage. Very patient start from Shahbazyan here. Tavares attempting some heavy strikes but nothing has landed clean yet. A 1-2 down the middle sends Tavares to falling forward into the mat. Tavares returns to his feet, but Shahbazyan stays on him. He paws out with a left hand to hide a perfect left high kick that connects cleanly to finish the fight.

Another fast win for Shahbazyan but he showcased patience and intelligence to find this finish against a dangerous opponent.

Official result: Edmen Shahbazyan def. Brad Tavares via KO (head kick) – R1, 2:27

Andrei Arlovski vs. Jairzinho Rozenstruik

Round one

A low kick from Rozenstruik and then he connects with a jab that causes Arlovski to stumble. Rozenstruik goes after Arlovski and lands some more heavy punches. They reset and then Arlovski comes forward only to be crushed by a strong left hand from Rozenstruik that results inĀ Arlovski falling straight to the floor. It’s all over.

Rozenstruik’s incredible power was on display again tonight at UFC 244.

Official result: Jairzinho Rozenstruik def. Andrei Arlovski via KO – R1, 0:29

Katlyn Chookagian vs. Jennifer Maia

Round one

Inside leg kick for Maia gets things started. Left hook lands clean for Maia now. Chookagian trying to clip Maia with a check left hook as Maia steps forward. Combination of punches and a high kick from Chookagian. Maia’s jab snaps Chookagian’s head back. Chookagian managing distance well, using her jab to work Maia and continuing to go to the check hook. Both fighters landing the punches they want to during this round. Maia’s working at close range when able, and Chookagian doing well from the longer ranges. Maia pushing Chookagian back to the cage now but no impact. Chookagian’s jab starting to become the difference now. This time it’s a jab to the head and a right hand to the body. Side kick to the face comes through after she targeted the body earlier in the round. Heads up high with a left high kick but is blocked by Maia. Strong push kick to the body keeps Maia away. Maia still landing punches on occasion but it’s Chookagian landing the better shots and landing more often, too.

The Body Lock scores round one for Katlyn Chookagian (10-9).

Round two

Chookagian seems to be settling into the fight. More active from distance and now putting more power into her punches. She’s changing angles and moving her head as she strikes – all of this helps to keep Maia away and halt the forward pressure. Maia attempts to strike at close range but there is a noticeable speed disparity and that has allowed Chookagian to land more often at close range. Solid right hand connects to the chin of Maia. Consecutive low kicks from Chookagian. Maia has been hesitant to let her hands fly during this round but Chookagian more comfortable and able to land with more power. Solid right hand by Maia lands now and she’s trying to work behind a double jab to close the distance. As she moves forward, Chookagian circles out and isn’t there for the combination of strikes. Maia looking better in the final two minutes of this round, she’s become more effective at closing the distance.

The Body Lock scores round three for Jennifer Maia (10-9).

Round three

Jab into a low kick to start round three for Chookagian. Maia mixes things up here in the final round after getting to the clinch and pushing Chookagian’s back to the cage. They separate and Chookagian fires another leg kick. Maia still landing strikes but they don’t appear to have the same impact as Chookagian’s. Maia outlanding Chookagian so far in round three. Consistent effort and combinations of punches. Chookagian still firing her own shots but not as often as the earlier two rounds. Maia has been trying to set an intense pace all night but it hasn’t been as effective as it is now with minutes remaining in the round. Maia now secures a takedown and lands on top in half guard. Maia now just holding on from top where she should probably be attempting to finish the fight from here. Fight ends with Chookagian sweeping into a leg lock position and then time runs out.

The Body Lock scores round three for Jennifer Maia (10-9) and our scorecard has Chookagian as the winner after three rounds (29-28).

Official result: Katlyn Chookagian def. Jennifer Maia via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Lyman Good vs. Chance Rencountre

Round one

Good gets things going with a solid right hand to the chin. A hard inside leg kick lands for him next, targeting the right leg of Rencountre. Connects well and then goes straight back to it. Rencountre stepping forward but Good planting his feet and throwing heavy punches back in return. Rencountre stands taller than Good, but isn’t using that height and reach, he’s instead getting clipped at close range. Rencountre comes forward and finally starts to clinch. Not able to get a takedown or work from the position and they reset. Another hard leg kick from Good draws a reaction from the crowd. Rencountre tries again and this time has more control of Good with a left underhook against the cage. They separate and Good begins working kicks again. Good throwing punches and kicks with incredible force. He’s at close range now and dropping bombs on Rencountre. Rencountre has taken several heavy punches to the head but is still standing. Good expended lots of energy throughout the round but hasn’t been able to stop Rencountre. With seconds left in the round, Good slams a right high kick into the head of Rencountre.

The Body Lock scores round one for Lyman Good (10-9).

Round two

A clash of heads early in round two but neither fighter seems to be impacted. Good starts throwing hands again but Rencountre stands tall and retreats. Good sticking to the outside more in this round as Rencountre appears to be looking for ways to close the distance and tie him up. Stiff jab and cross connects for Good. Good now controlling the center by using his jab effectively. Nothing from Rencountre so far through the first three minutes of this round. Good isn’t landing as many strikes, but they’re still particularly damaging. Jab connects for Rencountre as he comes forward with strikes. There’s an opportunity for him to really set the pace in this fight, but Good is doing well to control distance with his jab. Rencountre’s best strike of the fight lands late in round two, it’s a straight left hand. He’s now attempting more punches and mixing it up to the head and body.

The Body Lock scores round two for Lyman Good (10-9).

Round three

Good working the jab again in round three. That’s been the difference in these final two rounds so far. Rencountre comes in and Good cracks him with a perfect right-hand counter after slipping to the outside. Blood now streaming from Rencountre’s face. Good comes in for the finish and drops Rencountre with a devastating right hand. Rencountre falls to turtle position and the referee stops the fight.

Official Result: Lyman Good def. Chance Rencountre via TKO (punch) – R3, 2:03

Julio Arce vs. Hakeem Dawodu

Round one

Dawodu pressuring to start the fight. Attempting to feel the distance by throwing out kicks. He connects with a leg kick and seems to impact Arce. Arce seems to be dealing with problems with his left leg already. Dawodu comes forward and pushes Arce to the cage. Clinch work from Dawodu includes knees to the body, but Arce has a chance to recover and work out the issues with his leg. Solid left straight to the body from Arce now that they’ve separated. Dawodu still coming forward behind kicks. Does it again but Arce stands ground and punches back, landing cleanly on the chin. Another straight left for Arce connects down the middle to the head. Another heavy inside leg kick from Dawodu. Lands another. Dawodu using those kicks both offensively and to counter Arce’s forward movement.

A good start for Dawodu, who worked behind his kicks to set a consistent and effective pace.

The Body Lock scores round one for Hakeem Dawodu (10-9).

Round two

More aggression from Arce early in round two. Moves forward but Dawodu swings back some heavy punches at close range. Nothing landing cleanly for either fighter, so far. Dawodu now working from the clinch against the cage. Arce tries to reverse, but Dawodu remains strong and switches back. Best punch of the round lands when Dawodu pumps a right hand into the head of Arce. Body kick blocked and Arce returns fire with a jab. Arce trips Dawodu and lands on top in half guard. Dawodu turns and tries to scramble but Arce takes the back and secures the body triangle. Dawodu then turns over and is now in Arce’s full guard. He stands up and starts kicking the legs of Arce, who remains on the ground.

A tight round that Dawodu seemed to have edged because of his greater impact throughout the round.

The Body Lock scores round two for Hakeem Dawodu (10-9).

Round three

A solid knee to the body starts things off for Dawodu. He comes forward and puts Arce’s back against the cage again. Dawodu controlling the position again but no impact this time. Push kick to the body from Dawodu. Arce reaching out with his lead hand to try and find openings, but nothing there for him yet. The straight left comes through for Arce. A big counter right hand connects for Dawodu and he pushes Arce to the cage again. Another close round so far, but Dawodu landing more often mostly due to his kicking ability. With 90 seconds in the round it seems like Arce needs to kick into another gear. His best shot of the fight so far has been the left straight and that connects again. Dawodu still there with knees to the body. Dawodu slowing down. Arce clinches and dips for a trip attempt but Dawodu defends the takedown. Punches landing for both fighters now.

Dawodu’s pace dipped enough in the final minutes for Arce to step up and potentially steal the round.

The Body Lock scores round three for Julio Arce (10-9) and has Dawodu as the winner after three rounds (29-28).

Official result: Hakeem Dawodu def. Julio Arce via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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