Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz staredown before UFC 244

It’s time for the main event of UFC 244. Get your live play-by-play updates for Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz here as they battle for the BMF title at Madison Square Garden, New York.

Masvidal vs. Diaz is the headline fight of the UFC 244 pay-per-view event streamed live on ESPN+ in the United States.

UFC 244 play-by-play updates

Main Card

  • Jorge Masvidal def. Nate Diaz via TKO (doctor’s stoppage) – R3, 5:00 (watch live – midnight ET)
  • Darren Till def. Kelvin Gastelum via split decision (30-27, 29-28, 27-30) (play-by-play & video)
  • Stephen Thompson def. Vicente Luque via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 29-27) (play-by-play & video)
  • Derrick Lewis def. Blagoy Ivanov via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28) (play-by-play & video)
  • Kevin Lee def. Gregor Gillespie via KO – R1, 2:47 (play-by-play & video)


Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz play-by-play

Read on for The Body Lock’s play-by-play updates and results for Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz.

Round one

They’ve touched gloves. It’s on. Stay tuned for updates.

Masvidal fakes a flying knee to start the fight. Diaz pressuring.Masvidal low kick. Clinch work now. Masvidal has double underhooks and Diaz’s back to the cage. Now just a left underhook for Masvidal. They separate and Masvidal connects with some clean shots. Diaz stumbles and then Masvidal crashes two elbows and a hard kick into his head. Diaz is on the mat.

He’s on his back and Masvidal is standing above him smashing him with ground and pound. Diaz is in a lot of trouble. Diaz is getting a moment to recover as Masvidal attempts to find a way past his tricky open guard. Diaz kicks Masvidal in the stomach and Masvidal fakes being hurt before smiling. Diaz taunts him, but he’s still on his back. Masvidal walks away and lets the referee stand Diaz up.

They’re clinching now. Both guys landing strikes within the clinch. Diaz’s face is busted up. Diaz lands a big right hand on Masvidal. Masvidal ties him up and smiles, can tell that he’s enjoying this. As they break, Masvidal lands some more clean punches. But Diaz is still here. He’s still walking forward. This is brilliant. Diaz lands another solid left hand.

Masvidal nearly put Diaz away in that round and dished out plenty of damage, but Diaz was landing shots of his own, too.

The Body Lock scores round one for Jorge Masvidal (10-9).

Round two

Diaz rushes toward Masvidal. Tries to paw with his right hand but Masvidal slips out and lands some punches. Masvidal landing clean combinations. Diaz hands low now and goes to the legs. A hard body kick by Masvidal. Masvidal landing the jab but Diaz comes forward and lands an overhand right. Masvidal tries a lead elbow, falls short, but follows up with a right hand. Masvidal hurts Diaz. Diaz falls to his back and Masvidal standing above him again. But there’s still a lot of respect for Diaz’s guard and Masvidal refuses to play into it. He lets Diaz stand.

Heavy left connects for Masvidal. They’re clinching now. Diaz taking these shots as well as he can, but most would have crumbled by now. Clinch and Masvidal backs Diaz to the cage. Masvidal with a furious combination while Diaz is against the cage. Hard punches to the body and head. Diaz seems to be hurt to the body.

Masvidal working Diaz over now. He’s got him tied up and drags him to the mat. Maintains waist control but Diaz returns to his feet and rolls. Diaz nearly lands on top but Masvidal scrambles quickly. Diaz has Masvidal’s leg locked up but isn’t able to use it to his advantage. That’s the end of the round. Great fight.

Masvidal on top after two rounds, that was a more dominant round than the first. Masvidal did more damage in round one and came closer to a finish, but wasn’t able to dominate for the duration in the same way he did in round two.

The Body Lock scores round two for Jorge Masvidal (10-8).

Round three

Kicks to the body from Diaz and then he lands several hard shots to the head of Masvidal. Heavy body kick from Masvidal. Masvidal walking forward. They’ve tied up again against the cage. Masvidal’s been the one setting the pace in this fight, which may come as a surprise to the many fans who are used to Diaz setting a blistering pace. Diaz now landing his shots. This is a classic third round from Diaz. Masvidal eating shots and taking them very well. He’s walking through some of Diaz’s best shots. And Diaz has walked through many of Masvidal’s, too.

There’s a problem with Masvidal’s eye. Diaz pressuring now. Stockton slap comes through. They tie up again and Diaz walks Masvidal back with double underhooks. Masvidal turns him. Double unders from Masvidal now and Diaz attempts a trip. Failed attempt but enough to reset the position. Diaz now has butterfly guard, but not for long as Masvidal just postures up and unloads ground and pound. Diaz landing strikes from the bottom but Masvidal just waiting it out before posturing up again and throwing down more shots.

A stronger round from Diaz but not enough to win it.

The Body Lock scores round three for Jorge Masvidal (10-9).

Round four

There’s no round four. The doctor stops the fight because of a cut on Nate Diaz’s face.

The crowd starts chanting “bullshit.”

Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz both aren’t happy with the way it ended, but what a war it was.

Official result: Jorge Masvidal def. Nate Diaz via TKO (doctor’s stoppage) – R3, 5:00

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