Daniel Cormier (L) lands a punch against Stipe Miocic during their heavyweight championship fight

Play-by-play updates and live results for the UFC 241 co-main event welterweight matchup between Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic II on ESPN+.

Cormier (22-1) returns to face Miocic again in a UFC Heavyweight Championship bout. Cormier took the title from Miocic at UFC 226 in July last year. He has since defended the title once successfully against Derrick Lewis at UFC 230.

Miocic (18-3) hasn’t competed since losing the title to Cormier last year. Before that defeat, Miocic had managed to set the record for most consecutive UFC Heavyweight Championship title defenses.

Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic 2 full fight video highlights

Read on for our UFC 241 play-by-play and results for Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic II.

Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic live play-by-play

Round one

Herb Dean is the referee.

Inside leg kick for Miocic first. Outside leg kick from Cormier. Miocic looks very relaxed – more so than anticipated. Leg kicks from Cormier hit the inside and then the outside of Miocic’s legs. Just leg kicks so far. Jab by Cormier as he moves in and clinches, Miocic evades. Now 90 seconds have passed, Cormier’s hands seem to be packing heaps of power again. Miocic is yet to open up. Cormier lands some heavy punches. Cormier on a single-leg. Cormier picks up Miocic and has him on his shoulder for a good three seconds or so. Crazy. Slams him down. In side control now. Miocic gets half guard. Unbelievable to see Miocic hanging upside-down on Cormier’s shoulder for that long – what a sight.

Miocic pushing on Cormier’s head now to try and get out from underneath him. Miocic has full guard. Cormier not doing a lot from top. A couple of punches to the body. Goes to the body again. Miocic not able to get back to his feet. Both fighters not expending much energy. Cormier postures up and drills Miocic with some punches to the head. Cormier scrambling fast as Miocic tries to escape. Cormier above Miocic in turtle now. Cormier with about ten hammer fists to the head but Miocic blocks them.

Big round from Cormier. Not enough impact for it to be a 10-8, but the domination factor of scoring was there, for sure.

The Body Lock scores the first round for Cormier (10-9).

Round two

Miocic jab lands. He needs to change something in this round as he had no success with his hands in the first. Knee to the body lands for Miocic. Cormier slowly trying to walk into Miocic’s range. Cormier trying to control the hands of Miocic but Miocic is aware of it and countering with punches. Cormier lands some big punches. Miocic nice combination 1-2 lands to the head. Cormier’s pressure is crazy now. Backing Miocic up. As Miocic opens up with a combination, Cormier ducks and lands a big uppercut. Miocic crushes Cormier with an uppercut. He follows through with a big right hand. Cormier a heavy right hand now. Both fighters landing powerful punches now. At this rate, it won’t be long before someone is knocked out.

The fight changes pace as Miocic presses Cormier to the cage. Miocic landing some punches now. Standing toe-to-toe in boxing range and trading punches. Cormier can’t put Miocic away and Miocic can’t put Cormier away – crazy. Both guys are slowing down a little now. Cormier gets the clinch. Miocic having success at boxing range but Cormier – as expected – is doing work from close range with his dirty boxing. Miocic landing some jabs. It’s just heavy punch after heavy punch right now. Both guys are landing clean. Cormier’s landing more often, though. A high kick connects for Cormier. Miocic walking him back now. Great fight. A better round for Miocic, but that’s still Cormier’s round.

The Body Lock scores the second round for Cormier (10-9).

Round three

Miocic jab connects. It’s Cormier walking Miocic back but Miocic fires a 1-2 down the middle. Stipe goes after a single-leg and Cormier evades. Head kick by DC misses. Miocic now in boxing range with Cormier. Miocic struggling to open his right eye after a strike from Cormier. Cormier jabbing to move forward now. The gap isn’t as wide when they clinch now, Miocic having some success due to his strength and size. Miocic backs Cormier up to the cage and has double underhooks. Wrist control for Miocic as both guys catch their breath. Miocic isn’t there as Cormier tries his combinations now.

Cormier needs to find a way to close the distance because simply controlling the hands of Miocic and walking forward isn’t working as well now. Miocic straight punches connect. A big right hand comes through for Cormier and hits Miocic on the chin. Miocic gets a takedown and a knee to the body as DC stands. With 60 seconds to go, both fighters are trading punches in boxing range. Cormier now landing more often. Cormier’s 1-2 is answered by a 1-2 from Miocic. Miocic looks bloodied and bruised. Cormier really trying to get Miocic out of there.

Another good round from Miocic and he may have edged this one. Landed some great punches down the middle. Cormier was good, too, but Miocic looked to land the better punches.

The Body Lock scores the third round for Miocic (10-9).

Round four

Last round was very tight. Moving into the fourth now and the pace has understandably slowed. Leg kicks from Cormier. Miocic stalking. Jab by Miocic. Misses with a 1-2 as Cormier retreats. Miocic now controlling the action as Cormier not offering much. Miocic goes after the body with some punches. The big difference in this round is Miocic’s work to the body. He’s targeting it with his left hand and really ripping them into the ribs. Cormier now dropping his guard to defend the body shots. Cormier lands a right hand. Miocic’s left hand to the body has been huge. Another one. Now he has Cormier hurt and he’s piling it on. He stands above Cormier and finishes him off with punches. Herb Dean stops the fight.

Miocic is the champion, again! Brilliant fight and a remarkable shift in round four. He worked the body of Cormier over and over again before eventually tagging him upstairs. A series of right hands finished the job on the feet before eventually smoking Cormier as he collapsed.

Official result: Stipe Miocic def. Daniel Cormier via TKO (punches) – R4, 4:09

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