UFC 237 Video: Jared Cannonier injures Anderson Silva's leg with kick, earns big win in Brazil 1

Jared Cannonier picked up the biggest win of his mixed martial arts career by defeating Anderson Silva at UFC 237 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Near the end of the first round, Cannonier launched a powerful inside leg kick to Silva’s right leg. The impact was devastating and sent Silva to the floor, forcing referee Herb Dean to end the contest and declare Cannonier as the victor by TKO at 4:47 of Round 1.

Speaking after the fight, Silva announced that he had injured his leg during training camp and it had not fully recovered.

“In training, my knee was already a little bit bad. I took a kick to it, and I just couldn’t hold up. I’m really sorry.”

Meanwhile, Jared Cannonier’s post-fight interview was bombarded with the boos of the Brazilian crowd, who were clearly displeased with the way that the fight had ended.

He expressed respect toward Anderson Silva for taking the fight before also acknowledging the reaction of the crowd: “They got no respect for me, so I don’t have respect for them. And that’s just it.”

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