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Sean O’Malley on TUF 26 opponent Terrion Ware: “I feel like I knock him out in 1-2 rounds”

Sean O’Malley on TUF 26 opponent Terrion Ware: “I feel like I knock him out in 1-2 rounds”

We sat down with viral KO sensation “Sugar” Sean O’Malley as he prepares for his fight against Terrion Ware this Friday at the TUF 26 Finale.

A few short months ago, Sean O’Malley was a little known LFA prospect with a handful of amazing knockouts on his record. After watching his last fight end in spectacular fashion, it felt like it was only a matter of time before an opportunity with a premier MMA organization would come knocking. Upon conducting my first interview with him, it was obvious the skill came with a plethora of knowledge and hard work behind it.

Our first interview was less than a month out from his eventual heroics during Dana White’s Contender Series. At the time, O’Malley was fully confident in his ability to finish an opponent who had a 100% finishing rate, all by KO. The confidence was fully backed up by an eventual domination of Alfred Kashakyan. The crowd was on its feet, and Snoop Dogg and Urijah Faber jumped out of their seats. Dana White was also impressed enough to double-down and offer the young bantamweight a UFC contract. Everything went according to plan for the MMA Lab prospect as he opened his account with the UFC in amazing fashion.

Welcome to the ‘Sugar Show’

After a monster right hand that saw him oust his Contender Series opponent, the ensuing madness of meeting legends of the sport like Urijah Faber and talents like Snoop Dogg only added to the experience. For O’Malley, everything after that moment seemed ‘like a movie’ as idols were met and goals were achieved. Moments of pure joy such as those are short-lived in a business as unforgiving as the fight game. Even still, Sean O’Malley is cognizant of the steps needed to truly be at the top of his game.

With yet another blockbuster finish under his belt, Sean O’Malley will be looking to capitalize on the momentum against Terrion Ware. O’Malley made it clear that the team he’s working with in Phoenix gave him more than enough preparation for this bout. He also noted a key factor in the amount of sparring he was able to get for this fight as a difference maker in comparison to the last. That was made difficult last camp due to a nagging injury and lack of time to get ready. This time around, O’Malley is well fed, and well equipped for victory.

“He’s super tough, he’s gonna be there, but that last kid was super tough too. They’re both super tough. Alfred wanted to keep fighting, he wanted to keep standing. I just kept hitting him and he kept falling. That’s what I’m gonna have to do with Terrion, just drop him till he can’t get back up.”

The people’s main event

“Sugar” Sean O’Malley didn’t fail to note that he feels like he trains with people on a day-to-day basis that do what Terrion Ware does, only better. Given the abundance of talent in Phoenix, a statement like that isn’t hard to believe. Guided by some of the most elite minds and athletes of the sport at the MMA lab, O’Malley is in prime position to take over as the next must-watch fighter.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m the co-main event or something, I feel like they’re gonna promote me because I give them content to promote,” O’Malley stated.

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“I’m gonna knock this guy out. My last two fights have been viral knockouts, that’s what they wanna see. They wanna promote someone who can do that, and that’s me.”

Sean O’Malley at no point showed any disrespect to the caliber of opponent he’s facing. He knows the challenge ahead, and is preparing adequately. The confidence that enables him to show off his skills the way he does is something that sets him apart from your average MMA fighter.

When asked about a possible call out for the post-fight interview, O’Malley didn’t even let himself get that far. His entire focus is on ensuring victory this weekend. He only mentioned that he predicts a finish in the first or second round. Given his track record, it might not be long ’till we’re referring to Sean as ‘Mystic Malley’ in the near future.

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