Holly Holm of the United States celebrates victory over Ronda Rousey
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Stop calling Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm the greatest upset in UFC history

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  1. In hindsight, Rousey will be remembered as a pioneer, similar to Royce Gracie, for her contribution to WMMA during its developmental stages in the UFC. The amount of hagiography and hype surrounding Rousey (pre UFC 193) was unprecedented, particularly for a woman competing in MMA. She would not be able to compete with any of the top 5 women on the bantamweight roster.

  2. JR Yuen says:

    Sorry Siri, I wholeheartedly disagree with you. The simplest way of looking at it was the odds were nearly triple for Rousey as they were for GSP. Odds aren’t everything, so I’ll continue.

    I don’t know how you say Holm comfortably defeated Raquel Pennington, who at the time, was not even in the top 10. She barely got by her via split decision and many think she should have lost. Her performance against Marion Reneau, who also was not in the top 10, was as you said, “uninspired,” at best.

    In the meantime, Rousey rolled through Zingano, who had beaten both Tate (who later beat Holm) and current champ Nunes, and Davis, who also had beaten Nunes, and McMann, who was an Olympic Gold medalist, in less than 2 minutes for the 3 of them, or less than 40 seconds per opponent. That kind of dominance had not been seen in MMA. Not even Cyborg, who was competing against far less competent opponents, was averaging that fast a finishing rate.

    You imply that the BW division was far weaker during Rousey’s reign, than it is today. Far from it. The top 7 fighters had all won at least 5 out of their last 6 fights. In most cases, that sole loss was to Rousey. Pennington, who again was not even in the top 10, just competed for the title, although admittedly both she and Nunes are better fighters now than they were then.

    Holm made a remarkable turnaround in combative skills with Rousey, some think suspiciously so, while Rousey was delusionally over-confident in her striking skills, having KO’ed 3 out of her last 4 opponents averaging less than a minute each, and listening to the media and her coach telling her she was the greatest thing in women’s striking, while going on media blitz after media blitz. It was a perfect storm for an upset, but one few saw coming.

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