Marvin Vettori vs. Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori will meet once again at UFC 263 in a somewhat unexpected but very interesting rematch, this time for the UFC Middleweight Championship.

Vettori’s first fight against Adesanya has aged very well since the two originally battled in April 2018. Vettori took Adesanya to a split decision after clearly winning the third and final round. As we approach UFC 263, many fans believe that Vettori might be able to edge a decision against the dominant middleweight champion considering he’ll have an extra two rounds to work this time around.

But what do other UFC fighters think? Thanks to James Lynch’s MMA Pros Pick series and interviews from Helen Yee, we can get expert Adesanya vs Vettori predictions before UFC 263.

Adesanya vs. Vettori 2 is one of two title fights happening at UFC 263 on Saturday, June 12. UFC 263 is a pay-per-view event and will only be available to watch live on the ESPN+ digital streaming platform.

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Israel Adesanya vs. Marvin Vettori 2 predictions

Kevin Holland is picking Israel Adesanya

“I think Izzy wins. I don’t think Izzy is as easy to take down as I was. Marvin told me to work on my wrestling defense but he has a really good striking coach over there and his striking is still not that great. So he needs to do some soul searching in the striking department, go to Thailand, or something like that. If he’s going to fight Izzy, I don’t think he should have taken such a quick fight. he definitely needs to work on his striking — just like he said I need to work on my wrestling.”

interview with Helen Yee

Anthony Smith is leaning toward Adesanya

“That’s a tough one. I’d probably say Israel because he’s been in there and he’s felt it. I think he’s going to be motivated from his loss to Jan Blachowicz. I don’t for a second think that this is going to be an easy fight for Israel. I think that Marvin is going to give him some problems and really get in his face and try to pressure him and get him down to the ground.”

– interview with James Lynch

Cory Sandhagen is backing Adesanya in a close one

“I’m always probably going to go with Israel but I remember watching that first fight and it was very, very close. It was a really good fight and you could maybe even argue that Vettori won that first one. That one is going to be a lot closer than a lot of people expect and I’m sure that the odds are going to be crazy on the side of Israel and if I was a betting man I’d probably — if the odds weren’t crazy — I’d bet on Israel. But if the odds were really messed up I think people could really make a lot of money if Vettori wins because I think that those odds are going to be so vile.”

– interview with James Lynch

Steven Peterson predicts an easy night for Adesanya

“I think it’ll be an easy night for Adesanya. He’s going to use Vettori’s aggressiveness against him. He’s going to olé the bull — he’s going to be the matador and I see him catching him with that check left hook as he’s rushing in.”

– interview with James Lynch

Katlyn Chookagian thinks Vettori ‘may be’ able to beat Adesanya

“If Vettori uses that wrestling like he was doing… I know that Kevin Holland is a little less experienced, but still that same body type, that tall frame when he gets them against the cage and he was doing that pass-by takedown. If he can do that, then maybe him, but Adesanya, his striking, it’s a lot easier to just say take him down. You obviously have to get past his striking and he’s really good at the timing on the shots, so I think it’s going to be a close fight but Israel will take it.”

– interview with James Lynch

Kyle Daukaus expects Adesanya will beat Vettori up

“I kind of felt bad that Whittaker didn’t get the shot but after he explained and stuff I understand why he didn’t take it. I don’t know. I think Vettori is going to have the same game plan that he had against Holland. I think Jan kind of exposed that. But Adesanya moves differently at 185, so I think it’s going to be tough. I think Adesanya is going to beat him up.”

– interview with James Lynch

Alex Morono says the fight is a pick’em

“I watched that first fight and Vettori did really well. I think people saw that you can get him [Adesanya] down. I think Vettori has a good chance of winning that fight. I think that’s a pick’em, but Izzy may outstrike him — he has a lot of experience.”

– interview with James Lynch

Jordan Leavitt would put his money on Israel Adesanya

“I’d put my money on Israel. Marvin got caught pretty bad, he was only on the feet for like a minute-and-a-half against Kevin Holland and every ten seconds Holland cracked him and visibly wobbled him. Kevin Holland is much faster than Israel, to be fair. A decision should be Vettori but I think Israel should have him out of there in two or three rounds or less.

“Marvin’s wrestling has gotten better and he’s well-rounded but his defense is worse now than when he first fought Israel. I think he gets hit more.”

– interview with James Lynch

Mike Trizano says Adesanya is a few steps ahead of Vettori

“I think Adesanya takes it. I mean, they have both gotten so much better since last time they fought but I just think Adesanya is a few steps ahead of him.”

– interview with James Lynch

Jordan Wright expects Vettori to win at UFC 263

“I remember watching that fight live and I wouldn’t have been mad if they’d given it to Vettori but I think Adesanya did win. But it was a very close fight and, not going to lie, I think Vettori might shock people in this one. I think he’s going to come at him with really good cardio mixed with his striking and wrestling and he’s really good at mixing things up. I think Vettori will take it.”

– interview with James Lynch

Chase Hooper thinks Vettori’s ‘angry’ style will work against him

“I think the thing is that Vettori seems like another type of like ‘angry’ type of fighter. He’s like Paulo Costa who is going to just come forward and be super aggressive. And I think for Adesanya with his length and his ability to set up counter shots and all of that, he’s going to stay at range and I think that Adesanya takes it again.”

– interview with James Lynch

Yancy Medeiros would bet on Adesanya

“I like Adesanya’s style and if I had to bet I’d bet on him, but I’m not taking anything away from Marvin, he’s a dog. And he has the confidence to know he can beat him and he felt like he won the last one. but Izzy is very analytical about his approach and things — look at how he progressed through his fights.

“I’d like to see adversity. Izzy can do it. I’m pretty sure Vettori can do it, too.”

– interview with James Lynch

UFC 263 will stream live only on ESPN+ on Saturday, June 12. Order the UFC 263 PPV here to watch every fight live.

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