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Heated bout between Marvin Vettori and Omari Akhmedov ends in a draw

Heated bout between Marvin Vettori and Omari Akhmedov ends in a draw

Marvin Vettori went toe to toe with a resilient Omari Akhmedov as neither fighter could get the better of one another at the end of the bout.

Sharing the spoils

Joe Rogan and co. summed up the action of this fight perfectly as the final bell rung. The opening round of the contest was a slobber knocker as Akhmedov took Vettori’s best shots in stride. The defensive work for Vettori got easier to manage once Vettori set up traps in his offense. Vettori kept landing flush knees to keep Akhmedov from landing his right hand at will.

Vettori’s prowess in the stand-up would start to wane with fatigue as the fight progressed. Akhmedov did a sound job of pummeling Vettori’s lead leg with strong leg kicks. Akhmedov and Vettori seemed unphased for the most part when it came to the other fighter’s punching power.

Vettori charged forward despite the pressure from Akhmedov to cut off the range and forced grappling exchanges that put the Russian in bad positions. The resulting side triangle attempt would not end in a submission, but Vettori did well to shake Akhmedov off as he established top control. Going into the second round, the pace of the fight had many wondering who would take control in the third.

Testament of will

For both fighters, this bout was an example of the toughness they’ve been groomed with. With each strike landed and taken, it seemed there was more smiling going on in the cage than anything else. The third round was the most distinct for ‘The Italian Dream’ as he landed a flurry of strikes to start the round.

The stamina for Akhmedov was outstanding as he was once again able to weather the early storm. While Vettori would find more success with strikes that stunned his opponent, the granite chin of the Russian native would not be broken anytime soon.

In the end, the fight would end in a stalemate for both parties as the judges decided on a majority draw. Vettori felt he did enough to take the fight, but both fighters embraced each other in the end to commend a valiant effort from both parties. The Italian prospect will look to improve his offensive prowess in the future.

While he did enough to put Akhmedov in deep waters, there was not enough gas in the tank to finish the fight the way he wanted down the stretch. Omari Akhmedov is now 5-3-1 under the UFC banner. This result prevents him from going on a three fight win streak but avoiding the loss will be just as crucial to his UFC chances.

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