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Bobby Green puts on a show at UFC on Fox 27, calls out Kevin Lee and Eddie Alvarez

Bobby Green puts on a show at UFC on Fox 27, calls out Kevin Lee and Eddie Alvarez

Bobby Green lights up the scorecards in Charlotte with a heated back-and-forth contest as he takes a decision over Erik Koch.

Calm in the pocket

Bobby Green bounces back in a big way after going without a win in his last four fights. It was a great display of offensive output and defensive flair as Green fought against a resilient opponent. Eric Koch brought a renewed striking arsenal as he made sure to make it difficult for Green. The difference maker over the course of three rounds was Bobby Green’s cardio as his rate of strikes continued at a high clip.

Bobby Green has made a career out of being a tough striker with a smothering ground game. This victory was more of the same as he returned to form with a resounding victory that showed his improved skill. Green seemed almost zen like as he weaved in-and-out of striking range with ease. Although some MMA experts would advise against the shoulder roll in the octagon, Green made it work as he was able to dodge a few critical strikes.

All in all it was a dominant return to form for a fighter that has fought against a few household names at lightweight. Dominick Cruz said it best on the commentary desk when he described the way Green was looking. Poised and supremely calm in the face of adversity. Even though Koch was more than tough enough to not break at any point, Green matched that toughness with excellent striking and competent grappling.

Taking the next step

In the post-fight interview, Green did well to make the most of his opportunity as he called out Kevin Lee and Eddie Alvarez. Green complained that Kevin Lee is guilty of ‘jumping the line’ in terms of contenders at lightweight. Bobby Green is heralded as one of the staple veterans at 155, and he’s putting his name in the drawing with a dominant win once again.

“What I give [the fans] is totally different. The only thing that’s important to me is going out there and entertaining fans. Showing them what I do, you get something different when you see me, more than any other fighter.”

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