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Benito Lopez eeks out tough decision over Alberto Morales, improves to 9-0
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Benito Lopez eeks out tough decision over Alberto Morales, improves to 9-0

Benito Lopez eeks out tough decision over Alberto Morales, improves to 9-0 1

Team Alpha Male’s Benito Lopez settled the score against Alberto Morales at UFC Fight Night 123.

Bad blood

Benito Lopez and Alberto Morales have had a score to settle ever since Lopez pulled out of a fight that was supposed to happen a year and a half ago. Morales took to social media to call out Lopez stating he was a ‘fake fighter’. Lopez responded with a promise to “put this guy to sleep and shut his disrespectful little mouth”. Lopez was unable to live up to the promise of putting him to sleep. Instead, the fans were given an incredible three rounds of combat.

It was an electric first-round performance by both these fighters. Lopez erupted out of his corner landing a head kick in the first few seconds of the first round. Lopez was finding his range with his kicks and attacking the body of Morales. But Morales responded with a stiff left jab that dropped Lopez to the mat. Lopez immediately reacted with two subsequent flying knees that dropped Morales to the mat.

Lopez instinctively went for a guillotine choke, but Morales managed to break free and he charged forward with a barrage of strikes. Morales had Lopez’s back against the cage landing body shots and elbows as the first round came to an end.

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The second round continued with the excitement as both these fighters were poised to continue slugging it out in the middle of the ring. Lopez continued to find his range with the kicks to the body and was able to land a booming spinning back kick to the liver of Morales. Morales, being the warrior that he is, seemed unperturbed. Morales kept marching forward landing combinations of his own. Morales kept the pressure on Lopez as he never took his foot off the gas pedal. As the second round was coming to an end and both these fighters were looking to finish the fight with a third round knockout.

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The high-flying style of Lopez continued and the fans were loving every second of it. Lopez in a blink of the eye landed a head kick following that up with an onslaught of upper cuts. It was a true display of toughness by “The Warrior” as he welcomed the punches of Lopez, even going as far to high-five his opponent. Morales pressed the action and continued delivering punishment to Lopez with jabs and leg kicks and he did not stop moving forward.

Leaving it all in the octagon

As the bell rung and the fight was called, both fighters rejoiced with their efforts in the octagon. Squashing a hometown rivalry that started 18 months ago. Benito “Goldenboy” Lopez went on to win his UFC debut via unanimous decision continuing his undefeated streak. Lopez dedicated this win to his grandma. His win bonus will go a long way to helping the $1,000 dollar fine he received for pushing Morales at weigh-ins. If Lopez can continue his winning ways, we may have another bantamweight prospect to come out of the Sacramento based team.

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