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The Body Lock Podcast is your source of breaking news, stories, hard-hitting opinion, and interviews from the world of mixed martial arts.

Jake Nichols, Nick Vera, and Siri Karri tackle all of the latest happenings in the UFC, Bellator, ONE Championship, and anything combat sports related around the world.

We’re fortunate to be joined by some of the world’s best mixed martial artists, and will occasionally release podcasts with fighters and influential figures from the UFC, Bellator, and elsewhere.

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The Body Lock Podcast #31 – Cormier vs. Lesnar vs. Miocic

Jake Nichols, Nick Vera, and Siri Karri get together to talk about all the latest MMA news and stories in the UFC and elsewhere. Topics Does Stipe Miocic deserve a rematch with Daniel Cormier? Should he get one? How to repair…

The Body Lock Podcast #28 – Lethal Kevin Lee

Jake Nichols, Nick Vera, and Siri Karri get together to discuss everything that happened at UFC Fight Night 128 on the weekend. You can listen to the podcast in the embedded Anchor file above, on iTunes, PocketCasts, or any other podcast…

The Body Lock Podcast #27 – UFC Fight Night 128 preview and Q&A

Jake Nichols, Nick Vera, and Siri Karri get together to preview UFC Fight Night 128 in this special edition podcast. We open up a Q&A segment in the second half of the podcast, so stay tuned! You can listen to the…

Jake Nichols

Editor in Chief

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Jake is The Body Lock's Editor in Chief, based in Tasmania, Australia.

Nick Vera

Senior Writer, Editor

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English Student at Rollins College with a passion for all things combat sports. Mixed martial arts isn't just entertainment; it's an art form.

Siri Karri

Senior Writer, Editor

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A fight is like wood carving; multifaceted, beautiful and it'll leave you hurting if you get thrown into one. I have puns like perforated edges: tear-able.