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Garry Tonon makes a statement in ONE Championship debut, wants to fight again ‘no later than 3 months from now’

Garry Tonon makes a statement in ONE Championship debut, wants to fight again ‘no later than 3 months from now’

Garry Tonon crushes Richard Corminal in ONE Championship MMA debut

For those who were expecting Garry Tonon to shoot for takedowns and rip at the heel of his opponent, you couldn’t have been more wrong.

Instead, Tonon chose to stand up with his more experienced opponent and showcase his striking ability. When he was offered potential submission opportunities later in the contest, he decided against them and opted to make a statement to anyone who was thinking Tonon wasn’t for real.

After looking mightily impressive, Tonon eventually scored a TKO finish 3:40 into round two as he defeated Richard Corminal with a series of devastating elbows from full mount.

Don’t be shocked

As surprising as the outcome might have been to those who were expecting to only see a skillful grappling display from the American, the outcome was exactly the one that Tonon wanted. Prior to the fight, he told Ramen Choke Hold that a knockout finish would be most desirable.

“If I could repeat this event 1000 times and have whatever result out of that 1000 times happen, every single time I tried, I’d be trying to knock him out. I want to try these new standing skills that I’ve been practicing and I want to work on them.”

Despite having a significant grappling advantage over his more experienced opponent, Tonon took the time to experience what it’s like standing up with an opponent who is trying to strike him with bad intentions.

Garry Tonon defeats Richard Corminal at ONE: Iron Will

Growing in confidence

In his post-fight interview with Ramen Choke Hold, Tonon explained that he wanted to test his abilities while he had the opportunity to do so.

“I just had it in my head that I wanted to try things that I hadn’t done yet. I’ve done the whole grappling thing. Not to say that you won’t see submissions from me in the future, you definitely will. But I wanted to develop that cage confidence.”

While he has had plenty of experience honing his skills in a controlled environment, Tonon explained that he definitely noticed the differences during this ‘live’ contest.

“In the first couple of blows, I’ve never been hit like that. When he made contact with the overhand right, I’ve never been hit like that. Like I said, I’ve never done sparring with the little gloves and I’ve never been in an actual fight before.”

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Despite the overwhelmingly positive reaction from fans watching worldwide, Tonon wasn’t completely satisfied with his performance.

“One of the worst things that I think I did in there was just zero lateral movement. Everything was just forwards and back. That was pretty terrible. A lot of the kicks were ill setup. Overall, super excited and happy with the experience.”

Tonon wants to return soon

One of the questions going into the fight was whether Tonon was ‘MMA ready.’ However, it was apparent after just a few minutes that he was certainly able to hang in there with many of the organization’s athletes. At the end of it all, his dominant display left us wondering when we would see Tonon inside the ONE Championship cage again. Fortunately, it might be sooner than later.

“I’d like to fight as many times as I possibly can. I feel a little soreness and things like that right now. Overall, I still feel pretty good. I’ll get myself checked out and make sure I’m healthy. I was just talking to some of the organizers of the event outside and they said I can fight as early as two months from now, potentially. If that’s the case, awesome, I’d love to do that. I’d like to fight no later than three months from now.”

You can watch Garry Tonon’s post-fight interview with Wombat Jones from Ramen Chokehold below.

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