Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury live results, round-by-round updates 1

The moment of truth has arrived. Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will face each other in a grudge match that has been brewing for months. The two young stars will finally settle their feud at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia on Sunday night, with both fighters confident of victory and eager to prove themselves.

Who will come out on top in this highly anticipated and lucrative showdown? Follow our live updates and play-by-play results of the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury full fight.

Fans in the United States can watch the full fight replay by ordering the PPV on ESPN+.

Paul vs. Fury round-by-round


The fighters have entered the ring and the bout will begin shortly. Stay tuned for live updates.

First round

Fury leads the action and works behind his jab. They clinch and Fury gets a warning for holding Paul’s head down. Scrappy fight so far as they both keep pushing into the clinch and trading blows. Fury working the jab and lands two of then. Paul misses with a huge right hand. Fury leads with a strong left hook but Paul evades. Paul has center of the ring, they break from a clinch and Fury goes right after him. Strong right hand from Paul connects. They’re separated by the referee again. Fury lands the jab again. Jab, jab, hook combination from Fury just falls short. Paul advancing behind his jab now and Fury has his back to the ropes. Fury moves away and now has his back to the corner but is working well when Paul comes forward at him. That’s the end of the round.

10-9 round for Fury

Round two

Paul advancing but walks into another Fury jab. Paul marching forward now at a quicker pace but Fury doing well to move laterally and counter Paul’s advances. Paul attempts a sloppy combination of hooks but Fury counters again. Another jab from Fury. Paul ducks under a Fury jab and then attempts a left hook in return but just misses. Fury comfortable with his back to the ropes so far. Fury lands the jab again. Paul having a hard time connecting — he misses with a massive right hook. Short left hook from Paul lands. That’s another round for Fury.

10-9 round for Fury

Round three

Paul lands a stiff jab and rocks Fury’s head back at the start of the round. He’s looking better now but is still attempting his wild, looping overhand punches. None of those have landed yet. Fury’s straight punches are faster and more compact, helping him connect more often. Another jab from Fury lands. His jab is stiff and strong and definitely helping him score. They engage in the clinch again and Fury rips a body shot. Referee breaks them up. A better round from Paul and the closest of the fight so far.

10-9 for Paul

Round four

A good start from Fury here who unloads with a series of hooks. Paul covers up and defends well but Fury’s coming out aggressive here. Fury advancing again and working Paul with good straight punches. Fury is keeping his range well and has managed his distance really well in this fight so far. Paul having a more difficult time with distance and is continually missing with his big shots. Now it’s Paul coming forward and he lands a good left hook. Paul leads with a jab but Fury lands his own stiff jab in return.

10-9 for Fury

Round five

Fury lands good jabs to start the fifth round. Paul advances and rips the body. Fight has still been scrappy with both fighters tying up in the clinch often. Paul lands a good punch and Fury comes back with his own uppercut that lands.

The referee stops the action and deducts a point from Jake Paul for hitting the back of the head.

Back into it. Paul would definitely need a knockout from here. Paul’s coming after him now and swinging wildly. Fury controlling the pace well. He’s slowed the fight down and managing it well due to his counter punching and movement.

10-8 for Fury (due to point deduction)

Round six

Fury’s winning the fight but he’s still going after Paul. He comes out firing but they tie up in the clinch. Fury sticks his jab and moves. Paul covers up to defend the jab but Fury is gone by the time he looks back up. Fury loads up an uppercut and connects on the chin of Paul. The action is starting to slow now as both fighters look fatigued. But Fury steps up the pace again and goes after Paul with hooks. Paul defends well and then goes right back at Fury with jabs.

Now it’s Fury who gets a point deducted for holding. That evens things up in terms of point deductions. Fury was more active in that round and would have won it 10-9 if not for a point deduction.

9-9 round after Fury’s point deduction

Round seven

Scrappy start to round seven with lots of clinching. Fury lands a good left hand just as Paul dips his head. Paul comes forward with a 1-1-2 but Fury evades and moves off the ropes. They clinch again but this time Fury stings Paul with a short right hand. Fury fighting Paul perfectly in this fight so far — he knows how to draw out Paul’s attacks and then return fire when it’s safe to do so. Paul’s obviously a strong power puncher but he hasn’t been able to connect with his best shots so far. Fury still aggressive and putting Paul into full defensive mode with 30 seconds left. Paul walks into another stiff jab.

10-9 round for Fury

Round eight

Paul needs a KO. He comes out firing. Fury gets suckered into a brawl and Paul lands a strong jab that drops Fury. The referee starts the count. Fury argues that it was a slip.

Now the action is heating up and Paul is more aggressive. But Fury manages the fight well here and starts to tie up Paul and slow the pace. Now it’s Fury turning it on in the final minute. He’s throwing big shots and forcing Paul to cover up. Both fighters are swinging wildly here with 40 seconds to go. They tie up and both fighters are happy to hold until the end of the fight. Both fighters are exhausted after what was an intense pace.

10-8 round for Paul

The Body Lock scores the fight 76-73 for Tommy Fury

Official Result: Tommy Fury wins by split decision (76-73, 76-73, 74-75)

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