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Bellator 183 Results: Goiti Yamauchi taps Adam Piccolotti in first round

Bellator 183 Results: Goiti Yamauchi taps Adam Piccolotti in first round

Goiti Yamauchi takes Adam Piccolotti's back

Despite entering Bellator 183 as an underdog, Gouti Yamauchi put on a jiu-jitsu clinic in front of the fans in San Jose before submitting Adam Piccolotti with a rear-naked choke 3:19 into round one.

Adam Piccolotti, who entered the fight with an undefeated 9-0 record, was completely outclassed by the 24-year-old Brazilian. After coming off worse in the striking exchanges, Piccolotti shot in for a takedown only to fall into a guillotine attempt from Yamauchi. It wouldn’t eventuate, however, and they worked their way back to their feet. Yamauchi jumped on Piccolotti’s back and punched through for a rear-naked choke that left Piccolotti with no other option but to submit.

After the fight, Gouti Yamauchi stated his claim as the top contender in Bellator’s lightweight division:

“I’m ready to sign the contract for my next fight right now. I feel that I’m one fight away from a title shot, after another win like the one tonight, I don’t think there’s any way that Bellator can deny that I’m the number one contender.”

Fight breakdown

The fight started with an exchange of low kicks. Immediately, though, it looked as if Yamauchi was the more damaging of the two fighters when standing as his thunderous kicks connected with Piccolotti.

After feeling the power of Yamauchi, Piccolotti attempted to shoot in for a double leg takedown, only to run into a jumping knee attempt from Yamauchi that connected on the upper chest. Yamauchi transitioned into a guillotine attempt and dropped backward, using the forward momentum of Piccolotti to wrap his legs and tighten the guillotine. Yamauchi wasn’t exerting too much energy with the submission attempt but held the position before Piccolotti slid out. The Brazilian adjusted to an anaconda choke, but again, it slipped and Piccolotti was able to scramble back to his feet.

Yamauchi maintained control of Piccolotti as he regained his standing and held him against the cage before jumping onto his back and sinking his hooks in. Once there, he punched his right arm through to the shoulder of Piccolotti before adjusting and setting up the rear-naked choke. Piccolotti tried dropping to the mat in an attempt to shake the Brazilian but was unable to create separation before tapping to the submission.

Post-fight thoughts

Adam Piccolotti vs Gouti Yamauchi

This was Gouti Yamauchi’s breakout performance on one of Bellator’s greatest cards. He controlled Piccolotti with ease before submitting him.

Fight rating: 68/100

Adam Piccolotti

Piccolotti had no answers for Yamauchi’s jiu-jitsu. While Piccolotti is an impressive grappler himself, he was thoroughly schooled on the mat and in the standing grappling exchanges by the Brazilian.

Goiti Yamauchi

Goiti Yamauchi’s jiu-jitsu is levels above what we even thought it to be. His stand-up game, in particular, his kicking power and accuracy was also impressive in this bout. He stuck to Adam Piccolotti like glue and gave him no chance of recovering. The back take was classy and the control, once he took Picolotti’s back, was even more impressive.

Finish rating: 80/100

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