Abhinav Kini

Combat sports fan who loves a good lead elbow and body shot.

Ahmad Tahriri

Ahmad Tahriri is a Contributing Writer at The Body Lock.

Brandon Sibcy

Brandon is a longtime combat sports fan who spends his time playing Rocket League, petting cats and writing about people who could beat him up.

Jaewon Paik

Jaewon Paik is an MMA writer mainly contributing with editorials and feature articles. He is also a contributor at FanSided and CombatPress, and has formerly contributed over at MMALatestNews. He currently studies over at Ohio University.

Jake Nichols

Jake Nichols is The Body Lock's Editor in Chief. Previously, he was the MMA Editor at RealSport.

Jay Cranford

Jay is an MMA fan who loves to torture himself by staying up late to catch fights.

Joseph Mayall

I like to write about the ever exciting world of Mixed Martial Arts. I am a firm believer that Ronda Rousey was not overrated and that strawberry ice cream is an abomination. "You can't derive your self-worth from the opinions of others. Your true power comes not from outside sources, but from the delusions that we convince ourselves are true." -Dennis Reynolds

Michael Fiedel

Michael Fiedel is the Contributing Editor at The Body Lock and a staff writer for FloCombat.

Nick Cowie

Nick graduated with an environmental science degree and is a freelance writer, covering anything from fighting to forestry. He is a washed up swimmer and a sports and comedy enthusiast. Nick can be contacted through his linked social media.

Nick Vera

English Student at Rollins College with a passion for all things combat sports. Mixed martial arts isn't just entertainment; it's an art form.

Ollie Carlson

Student and sports fan in England with a passion for the sweet science of MMA

Rhodri Morgan

Rhodri Morgan is a combat sports writer based out of London, England. When not covering MMA, he can be found roaming the halls of a south London Wholefoods, finding a dog to befriend and rolling in the doomed pursuit of the perfect kimura.

Shane Connelly

Shane Connelly is a journalism student at Penn State with a passion for sharing the stories of MMA fighters.

Siri Karri

A fight is like wood carving; multifaceted, beautiful and it'll leave you hurting if you get thrown into one. I have puns like perforated edges: tear-able.

Sriram Muralidaran

Long-time MMA fan. Catch my (incomplete) betting history at

Steven Rae

Steven is a combat sports journalist and analyst from the United Kingdom. He is fully devoted on raising the popularity of Lethwei across the world through his articles. On top of this, he is committed to helping The Body Lock become a leading combat sports website.

Stuart Kurth

Current life record is 33 years alive, 0 years dead. Stu comes from a beach town but never beached; he now lives in a mountain town but to this date has not mountained. He is a lover of cheese and a disliker of sunburn.

Tom Tierney

A 28-year-old MMA nut. Paralegal by trade, and heavyweight champion in my mind.